What I can offer you

Why use my services to discover Burgundy Franche-Comté?

  • I am a certified state guide and have been working as a tour guide for over 20 years.
  • I can accompany your clients in English but also in French or German, as requested !
  • I am a native of the region where I guide and my knowledge is not only bookish. The information I share with your guests does not only come from books or the internet ! I offer a real experience !
  • I can advise you for an itinerary through the region. By the way, I have also worked as a travel agent for 8 years.
  • You can call on my services for one-off visits (to certain sites mentioned below) but also for accompaniment and guidance throughout the region. The towns and villages have common histories, I can weave links between the different sites, give meaning to the chosen itinerary and thus avoid useless and tiring repetitions for your clients.
  • I am a member of the Regional Guides Association. If I could not accompany you (who knows? I can always get sick!), I would refer you to my colleague. It is a guarantee for you that your trip will be carried out in any case.

I will adapt to the special needs of your clients and I let you see below an overview of the services I can offer you.

The places where I can guide you in Burgundy Franche-Comté

Carte Bourgogne Franche-Comté

In this section you will find the guided tours I can do for two hours.

In this section you will find the guided tours that I can offer for an half day or daytrip.

My rates

The maximum number of participants per tour is 35. However, for everyone’s comfort, a maximum of 30 people is preferable (except in the case that the group would come with a headphone system). In case the group would be too big, either a second guide would be required or a second slot of visit will be opened and I will do the same tour twice. For some tours, the number of participants may be reduced for reasons of accessibility to the site.

The following price list is informative only. A quote will be provided for each enquiry.   For more information, please consult my terms and conditions : Conditions Générales de Vente.

NB: Entrance fees to sites and museums are not included in my rates.

  • Two hours guided tour 130€

    minimum rate even for a shorter tour

  • Half day tour 200€

    Four consecutive hours maximum

  • Full day tour 330€

    Nine consecutive hours maximum

  • Additional hour 50€
  • Guide's meal 23€

    To be added for half-day and full-day packages if not covered by the group

  • Travel costs Variable

    According to the place where the group is picked up

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